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Medical Marijuana
Medical Marijuana

If you search for Medical Marijuana in Los Angeles over 1000 listings for dispensaries and doctors come up. Drive down any street in LA and you are bound to come across a dispensary sooner or later. LA Weekly features advertisements for dispensaries in the back of the paper next...

Prescription Medication in Sobriety

Many recovering alcoholics have chemical imbalances and need to take medication in sobriety. Generally I recommend that an alcoholic be sober for 90 days before an accurate diagnosis can be made. It’s normal for the recently sober drug addict and alcoholic to feel anxious and...

3rd Annual Dream Awards- Inspiration Award-Dr.Howard Samuels

I just wanted to say thank you to Hollywood Arts for the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing organization. If you have a couple moments, take a look at my chance to express my gratitude for such a humbling and amazing honor.

CBS- The Early Show on Treatment and Sober Living

People seem to think celebrities are an alien race. The alcoholic/addict is in denial no matter what their status in society. They don’t want to give up the drugs and booze until they are forced to do so.

Prescription Medication in Sobriety
3rd Annual Dream Awards- Inspiration Award-Dr.Howard...
CBS- The Early Show on Treatment and Sober...
Dr. Howard Samuels really helped me through some tough situations. I just wanted to express my gratitude for having the opportunity to share my life with him. -Jimmy Z

Thank you for giving me such a remarkable life again. My family is also very appreciative. -Sandra P.

Dr. Samuels helped me understand the disease of addiction and also to gain insight into my own behaviors and thought patterns. I am forever in gratitude to him and the staff at The Hills Treatment Center. -Sarah D
Greetings to Howard and The Hills Treatment Center. The staff was awesome and the groups were an amazing experience. I would definitely recommend The Hills to anyone suffering from addiction and/or alcoholism. -Adam A

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