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Benefits of Therapy
by: Dr. Howard C. Samuels
benefits of therapy

5 Benefits of Therapy

There are a myriad of reasons an individual can benefit from seeing a therapist. Every person is different and goes through different life experiences. The effects of the experiences one endures can be integrated differently into their lives. Having a mental health professional assist in integrating life’s experiences (both positive and negative) in a productive manner can help maintain one’s mental health and further develop one’s social intelligence. Below are five benefits of Therapy.


Working with a therapist can help an individual learn and implement healthy coping mechanisms into one’s life. Far too often, people are shaped by their childhood and use outdated coping mechanisms to deal with adult situations. While some coping mechanisms from one’s childhood served them well during their younger years, they may not behoove them in adulthood. A therapist can go through and help an individual realize what coping mechanisms are no longer serving them, as well as provide healthier coping options that may be better suited.


Working with a therapist can help an individual remain accountable. Checking in with a person, who is genuinely concerned with one’s wellbeing, regularly, can have a positive effect on a person’s self-esteem by helping them to take inventory of their lives and make better choices. Having regular appointments with a therapist also helps an individual practice honoring commitments, as he or she must show up for their previously scheduled appointments.


There are always situations in one’s life that are difficult to understand and process. A therapist can assist with dissecting and making sense of challenging experiences, feelings, and/ or relationships. Having the input from an outside perspective can help make sense of difficult situations. Furthermore, a therapist can help an individual figure out what the subsequent steps may be for managing the situation and how to best implement them. Sometimes stepping back from a challenge and looking at it from a different perspective can help to make the hurdle feel less daunting and more surmountable, which is exactly what a therapist can do.


Life is full of every emotion—good, bad, happy, sad, excited, boring…the list goes on. People in one’s life can flow in and out; friends come and go. Having a therapist can provide an individual with continued and constant support throughout their lives. There will undoubtedly be times in a person’s life that are filled with joy and excitement, and times that are filled with the opposite. Having a therapist throughout the highs and lows can help a person feel unconditionally supported. While the friends and family of an individual will of course inform how an individual navigates the highs and lows of one’s life, a therapist can be an additional outlet to help to diffuse some of life’s pressures.


As society’s norms shift and place pressure on a person in terms of physical beauty, personal wealth and overall success, self-care can fall by the wayside. As an adult in America, self-care is essential in terms of maintaining mental and emotional health. Self-care methods are personal and will be different for different people. However, seeing a therapist can be incredibly helpful in terms of self-care as it forces an individual to check in with themselves on an emotional level. This can help point an individual in the direction that they need to maintain healthy self-care practices. Depending on the individual, seeing a therapist can also help an individual realize that the self-care methods they were implementing are not necessarily sufficient and may require some adjustments. A therapy session, in and of itself, can be considered part of a self-care regimen, and additionally a therapist can work with an individual to help discover additional methods of self-care that may be beneficial.

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March 25, 2020
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