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Can a Bad Relationship Be Saved?

by: Dr. Howard C. Samuels
Can a Bad Relationship Be Saved?

If you’re in a crumbling relationship, you might be wondering if it can be saved. Most of the time, it depends on what exactly is causing the relationship to crumble. For example, your relationship can be saved in most cases if you’re willing to work together and try to understand each other.

Communication and mutual respect as well as the desire and willingness to continue growing as a couple are signs that a relationship can be saved. If your relationship is constantly on the rocks due to one or both partners putting themselves first, then it might be harder to save.

Signs Your Relationship Can Be Saved

There are some definite signs that your relationship can be saved and some signs that it might be better to let go.

Let’s Take a Look at Some of the Positive Signs in a Relationship

Sensitivity To Each Other’s Needs

As previously mentioned, putting yourself ahead of your partner and your relationship is a big sign that your relationship is failing for a reason. However, if you and your partner are still sensitive to each other’s needs, then that’s a good sign. For example, maybe you’re unhappy in the relationship because you know your partner is. As long as both you and your partner can connect, then your relationship is likely not over.

More Than Just Sex

Another sign of a strong relationship is when it’s about more than just sex. This is especially pertinent if sex is at the core of your issues in the relationship. As long as your relationship has a strong emotional and intellectual connection, the physical intimacy part can usually be worked out.

Willingness To Change

The willingness to change and adapt to your partner and relationship is also important. However, it’s essential to recognize the difference between healthy change and having to bend over backward to please your partner. The latter example is a sign of a codependent relationship, which can be hard to save once it starts failing.

Ability and Willingness To Communicate

Communication is one of the most important aspects of any relationship. Many relationships eventually break down due to a lack of communication or poor communication. The good news is that communication can generally be worked on as long as you’re willing to listen to your partner and really hear what they’re saying.

Feeling Safe With Your Partner

This is a very positive sign of a relationship that can probably be saved. If you don’t feel safe with your partner, then it’s likely they have perpetrated some type of abuse towards you. This could be emotional, physical or psychological. You don’t want to stay with a partner who increases your insecurities. Emotional manipulation is a sign of a bad relationship that probably can’t be saved.

Signs of a Bad Relationship

Along with positive signs that indicate that your relationship can be worked on and saved, there are also signs that you might be better off moving on. Some of those signs include the following:

• Violence and physical abuse
• Regular infidelity
• Constant and unapologetic lying
• Emotional manipulation
• Sexual abuse
• Unwillingness to prioritize partner or relationship
• Opposing interests

One of the most difficult things to get past is when one partner prioritizes themselves over anything else. In this case, it’s difficult to reconcile because one person has one set of standards for themselves and another set for their partner. For example, they may assign work and responsibility to the other partner but never for themselves. They may also be fully willing to spend money on themselves, but not on their partner or the household.

The other partner will naturally feel resentful over being dominated and ignored. This type of problem is hard to resolve simply by working to understand each other. The main problem is that one partner is putting themselves first. When couples have opposing interests, it’s very likely that a situation like this will be hard to resolve.

On the other hand, these are examples of problems that can be solved when both partners are willing to work together:

• Time spent at work or with friends
• Chore assignments
• How to handle children
• How much sex to have
• Who should clean house
• How to spend money

If you’re wondering, “can my relationship be saved?”, a Relationship Therapist in Los Angeles can help. Doctor Howard Samuels is a therapist who specializes in therapy for couples and relationships. Get in touch today to find out more.

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March 29, 2021
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