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I usually develop crushes on unavailable people.

I often fantasize about having sex with people who are unavailable or have no idea how I secretly feel about them.

I find myself trapped in "on-again/off-again" relationships where I need them more than they need me.

I experience rejection more often than others because I "put myself out there" with people I know are not attracted to me, are involved with other people, or are simply unavailable.

I place the needs of my partner ahead of my own.

I often find myself in damaging or abusive relationships.

I often find myself in relationships where I feel sorry for myself and choose to stay anyway despite my unhappiness because they are "worth it."

I am often jealous in a relationship and fear losing my partner to someone else, even though I've got no information to support the potential for infidelity, so I become needy or clingy.

I tend to lose myself in the other person, changing to please or attract them. I cast aside my own beliefs and desires to please them in the hopes of attracting or keeping them.

I tend to become obsessed with people I like, often changing my life in the hopes of being noticed by them at one of their usual haunts or activities. I stalk them on social media. I surreptitiously ask their friends for information about them.

I need "them" to like me because honestly, I don't like myself a lot of the time.

I will risk humiliation, my job, and my friends just to be with "them."

I often let my loneliness decide who my partner will be, no matter what my standards are.

My partner is verbally or physically abusive to me, but I choose to remain in the relationship.

When a relationship ends, I find myself lost, alone, and despondent. I feel as if no one will ever love me because I am unlovable (a.k.a., I was lucky to have them and now they are gone)

If I'm in a relationship and it becomes comfortable, I will often direct my affections to strangers in the hope of igniting a spark so that I feel validated and adored. I will risk the relationship (or marriage) by flirting with or even having sex with other people so that I can feel the rush of new love.

Nothing excites me more than winning someone over. I guess I'm in it for the conquest, because once I get what I want, I become bored and feel the need to move on.

I am extremely needy and emotional and often find myself in relationships with narcissists. It is safer to be a little more than an object to them than for them to truly see me and help me work through my issues and become a more complete, empowered person. I hide in unrequited relationships.

In looking back over my life, many of my long-term relationships have involved my tricking the other person into loving me, usually by fact gathering and becoming the thing I knew they desired. I have done this so often that I have lost myself and feel like a patchwork quilt of everyone I pretended to be in order to feel loved.

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