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5 Relapse Prevention Tips
by: Dr. Howard C. Samuels
relapse prevention tips

Los Angeles is a city full of people with all kinds of agendas. A significant portion of the population in LA is sober and therefore the sober network in LA is vast. The year-round beautiful weather, gorgeous beaches and welcoming vibe lends itself well to individuals in recovery. Every person is different and will rely on distinct and personal tools to successfully maintain sobriety, below are five tips for relapse prevention:


Finding healthy pass times is essential when working on staying sober. Integrating regular exercise into your daily or weekly routine can help you stay fit and also pass time in a positive and productive way. There are great hiking trails and stretches of gorgeous sand beaches to walk, if you prefer to exercise outdoors. Alternatively, LA is full of tons of different kinds of awesome fitness classes—check them out, make a friend, and release some endorphins!

Make Friends

Creating a healthy circle of friends can be uplifting and inspirational during one’s journey through recovery. Many individuals in recovery will have experience with relationships that were damaged during one’s time of active substance abuse, and it is essential for an individual to learn to foster and nurture healthy friendships in sobriety. Maintaining a sober and healthy social life can be very helpful to one’s recovery. Having friends with likeminded goals can create a fantastic network of support. Furthermore, in moments of boredom, friends can help provide sober, healthy entertainment and company.

Stick to a Routine

Part of any substance abuse and/or addiction treatment program will be adhering to a strict schedule. Carrying a version of this over into one’s life post treatment can be very beneficial to one’s sobriety. Sticking to a regular routine can help provide much needed structure in a person’s life. Structure and routine can give a person a sense of security. Sticking to a routine can also help a person avoid running into unnecessary triggers. Routines are also helpful in creating healthy sleep habits, which are essential to one’s overall wellbeing.

Follow Up and Update Your Aftercare Plan

Aftercare plans are thoughtful, personalized plans that are created to help you maintain your sobriety. While aftercare plans are often fresh in one’s mind immediately after completing a treatment program, it is not uncommon for them to fall by the wayside as time progresses. Some aspects of a person’s aftercare plan may become outdated as time passes, which is why it is imperative to continually update your aftercare plan. This can be done with the help of your mental health professional. Should aspects of your aftercare plan become no longer relevant to maintaining your sobriety, they can be adjusted and/ or replaced as necessary. Many components of one’s aftercare plan will remain relevant no matter what stage of recovery an individual may find him or herself. The point is to stick to the plan you created to help successfully keep you on your path of sobriety.

Know Where Help Is

The very nature of addiction is that of a relapsing disorder. It is, therefore, essential to always be aware of and know where help is, should you need it. Following the above tips, especially keeping a healthy network of friends and following your aftercare plan should leave you in a position where help is always present and available. However, knowing where a local clinic, rehab center and/ or the location of the nearest hospital can behoove an individual in recovery. Additionally, keeping in touch with and/ or having the phone number of the treatment center that you previously attended can be helpful for a person in recovery.

For More Information about Relapse Prevention

Seeking the guidance of a therapist can be incredibly helpful. Should you or someone you know be in need of additional support, please do not hesitate to reach out. Dr. Howard Samuels is a highly educated and successful therapist in the field of mental health and is available to support those in need. Dr. Howard Samuels works with his clients to help them live authentic, happy and fulfilling lives.

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February 25, 2020
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