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Selecting a Therapist in Los Angeles, CA
by: Dr. Howard C. Samuels
selecting a therapist

Picking the Right Therapist in Los Angeles, CA

There are many different reasons why a person may be seeking the guidance of a therapist. Life brings many challenges and the support and advice of an outside perspective can make a huge difference for a person. When it comes to selecting a therapist in Hollywood, California they are a dime a dozen. This can be both positive and negative, depending on how you look at it. Every individual is different and will require a somewhat unique therapeutic program. This can mean a combination of many different therapeutic modalities, or focusing on a singular therapy method, which is dependent upon the specific needs and therapeutic goals of the individual.

Where to Start

There is no right or wrong way to go about selecting a therapist. In Hollywood, CA there are a multitude of therapists, each with differing foci and/ or specializing in different therapeutic modalities. When trying to find the right therapist there are a couple notions that can be helpful to keep in mind. The first is to get specific with your needs: what is it exactly that you would like to work on? This can help narrow down your options. If, for example you are in need of help with a substance abuse problem you can focus your search on therapists that have experience with substance abuse disorders.

Budget is another important thing to keep in mind when selecting a therapist. Therapist fees can range greatly. Some therapists will accept certain insurance plans, and some will not accept insurance at all. Some therapists will work on a sliding pay scale, while others will not. It is important fully understand the financial implications involved in working with a specific therapist. The financial obligation required by a perspective client should be addressed and sorted out prior to beginning therapy sessions.

Availability of both the possible therapist as well as the potential client should be considered. If, for example, a therapist is only available to see clients on days and/ or during hours that a potential client is unavailable it is obviously not a good fit. Furthermore, the location of the therapist may be something to consider. If, a therapist’s office is located unreasonably far from a potential client, it may not be the best fit. Some therapists will allow for virtual sessions. This may be an aspect that is worth bearing in mind when deciding which therapist is a best fit.

Every person is different as is every therapist. Each therapist is informed by his or her own life experiences combined with his or her own both unique and formal educational training in mental health. Not all therapy methods will work for all mental health needs, which is why there are so many different types available in America nowadays. Any hospital will be able to provide recommendations for possible therapists for those in need. Additionally, if you have an active insurance plan, calling your insurance provider is a good way to obtain a list of qualified therapists in your geographical area. Any medically associated clinic will also be able to refer an individual to an appropriate mental health care provider.

It is important to keep in mind that selecting the correct therapist can take time and patience.

Selecting a therapist that is the best fit for a person can be best compared to dating. For example, you may have to meet several therapists before you find the right one. Please remember, that just because one therapist may not best fit your needs it does not mean that there is not a therapist out there that does. You just have to be a bit patient and stick with your search until you find the therapist that best suits your needs.

For Further Information on Selecting a Therapist

Seeking the guidance of a therapist can be incredibly helpful. Should you or someone you know be in need of additional support, please do not hesitate to reach out. Dr. Howard Samuels is a highly educated and successful therapist in the field of mental health and is available to support those in need. Dr. Howard Samuels works with his clients to help them live authentic, happy and fulfilling lives.

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