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Top 10 Reasons for Divorce

by: Dr. Howard C. Samuels
Top 10 Reasons for Divorce

Why do couples get divorced? There are various reasons. Among the most common reasons for divorce is simply falling out of love, or drifting apart is another way to put it. Other times the reasons are more unfriendly, such as issues with cheating, lying, abuse or problems with finances. However, in almost all cases, both parties are aware that their relationship has problems or is on the rocks.

In the United States, about half of all marriages end up in divorce. Most divorces happen around the first seven years of marriage.

Let’s Take a Look at the Top 10 Reasons for Divorce and What They Entail

1. Infidelity

Infidelity is one of the most common reasons for divorce in the United States. Between 20 and 40% of all marriages end this way. This is also one of the most difficult issues for a marriage to overcome. The main reason is that infidelity erodes trust, and it may be hard to get back after it has been broken. The reasons for cheating aren’t always cut and dry either. In fact, they often start as innocent friendships.

2. Financial Problems

Another one of the most common reasons for divorce is financial problems. This can include employment struggles for one or both spouses, or it may involve arguing over where the money is spent. Before marriage, it’s important that both partners come to an agreement over finances and money control.

3. Lack of Communication

If lack of communication is ruining your marriage, then couples therapy might be a solution. This is also one of the most common reasons for divorce, but it can be easier to solve than other issues. Learning to communicate is an essential life skill both within marriage and outside of it.

4. Nonstop Arguing

Another area where couples therapy can help is constant arguing. Couples therapy can help you discover the underlying reasons for your nonstop arguing. It might be due to poor communication between you and your spouse, or it could be that certain areas of your marriage haven’t been discussed and agreed upon. For example, how your money should be spent.

5. Weight Gain

Although it might seem extremely shallow, weight gain by one spouse is one of the most common reasons for divorce. When one spouse gains significant weight, it can cause the other spouse to become less attracted to them. It can also cause the spouse who gained the weight to have serious self-esteem issues, which can, in turn, affect intimacy.

6. Unrealistic Expectations

Believe it or not, a lot of people enter into marriage with overly idealistic expectations from their partner or from the relationship in general. This is why it’s important to communicate effectively before getting married. Both you and your partner should be on the same page.

7. Not Enough Intimacy

Lack of intimacy is also one of the more common reasons for divorce. In this scenario, one spouse usually feels that the level of intimacy is not satisfying. The other spouse may feel pressured and unhappy with their partner’s desire for more intimacy. This can be about a lack of communication as well as different levels of sexual desire.

8. Equality Issues

This can be one of many reasons for divorce. One spouse may feel that the distribution of marital responsibilities is not equal. For example, one spouse is doing all the housework and spending the most time with the kids. If only one spouse works, they may think it’s unfair and that the other spouse should also contribute financially.

9. Being Unprepared For Marriage

Being unprepared for marriage is also one of the most common reasons for divorce. It can include feeling like you’ve lost all your freedom or that being married is too much responsibility. This is especially common among younger couples without much life experience.

10. Abuse

Emotional, sexual and physical abuses are serious issues and common reasons for divorce. Sometimes the abusive partner doesn’t reveal this side of them until after marriage. If the abuse is emotional, the receiving spouse may be in denial that it’s happening at all. Many times, emotional abuse starts small and escalates until the receiving spouse becomes significantly on edge and unhappy.

Doctor Samuels is a Couples Therapist in Los Angeles who specializes in helping couples resolve marital problems. Couples therapy may ultimately help you avoid divorce, but it can also help you gain a better understanding of your expectations in a relationship. Get in touch with Doctor Samuels today for more information.

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March 20, 2021
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