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Understanding the Importance of Communication in a Relationship

by: Dr. Howard C. Samuels
Communication in a Relationship

One of the most common pieces of relationship advice is to communicate honestly and frequently. Although we always hear about the importance of communication in a relationship, it can be difficult to actually put this into practice. Communication is a skill that requires self-awareness, confidence, and patience, and it doesn’t come naturally to many people. You and your partner may have to work on your communication skills over time for your relationship to thrive.

Understanding the importance of communication in a relationship is essential for your and your partner’s success. By recognizing the value of communication, you both lay the foundation for honesty and transparency in your relationship. Then, you can commit to strengthening your communication as a team.

Here Are Five Reasons Why Communication in Relationships Is so Vital

1. Clarifies Your Message and Prevents Misunderstandings

Even in a healthy relationship, conflict is sometimes unavoidable. No two people will see eye-to-eye on everything, so it’s impossible to avoid ever becoming upset with your partner. However, clear and open communication can prevent so many conflicts in your relationship because it helps you avoid misunderstandings.

Miscommunication is one of the most common causes of tension or fights in a relationship. You or your partner might mix up your words, use a misleading tone of voice, or say something vague without explaining yourself fully. Without elaborating on any of these moments, one of you could end up feeling hurt, angry, or confused. By communicating fully right away, though, you don’t have to guess about the meaning behind your partner’s words.

2. Addresses Problems Before They Escalate

When you do run into an issue in your relationship, communication is absolutely critical. A healthy relationship requires an open line of communication so that you and your partner don’t let problems escalate. A small concern could build up over time until you explode in anger, but if you communicate immediately, you can solve the problem before it feels overwhelming.

Healthy communication in your relationship involves bringing up a concern calmly and in a non-confrontational manner. Instead of blaming the problem on your partner, you and your partner can address the matter as a team. When both parties in the relationship are committed to communication, these conversations don’t feel like a conflict. You don’t feel like you’re being blamed for something when your partner mentions an issue. You both feel ready to listen to one another, express your thoughts, and find a compromise together.

3. Builds Trust

Trust is just as important as communication in a relationship, and it develops as a result of healthy communication skills. If you’re not forthcoming with your partner about your thoughts and feelings, they may feel as if you’re hiding your true self. A lack of communication can lead to deep-rooted trust issues because neither partner can be sure that the other is being completely honest.

When your relationship is built on strong communication, you and your partner will be able to trust one another without question. You know that your partner isn’t hiding their thoughts or beliefs, and you know that you can go to them with your concerns without being judged or criticized. This sense of security in a relationship can be an incredible source of peace and comfort.

4. Creates Opportunities for Support

One of the greatest benefits of a healthy relationship is the support you can receive from your partner and the support you can provide them in turn. You and your partner should always cheer one another on. Whether you show your support through verbal communication or through your actions, your partner should know that you’re rooting for their success.

Open communication is your gateway to this support in your relationship. You’ll know exactly what your partner is struggling with or what they’re aspiring to, and you can offer the encouragement that they need. Your partner can offer the same to you as well, which can give you the strength and confidence you need to reach your goals.

5. Helps You Form a Friendship With Your Partner

Your romantic relationship should also be a friendship, and communication is your key to feeling closer to your partner. You should be able to talk to your partner just like you’d talk to your best friend. When you can open up to one another, share jokes, and feel completely seen and heard, your relationship can grow to be stronger than ever.

You can’t underestimate the importance of communication in a relationship. When you and your partner communicate transparently every single day, you develop an unbreakable sense of trust, compassion, and support. Improving communication skills in a relationship can take a great deal of time and intention, but the results for your relationship are well worth the effort.

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May 3, 2022
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